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There is a quant little place where you can cast all your worries aside, with a theme of flowers, which are so well known for proclaiming every season of the year here in Japan.

Where you can enjoy the food and flavor of every season of the year. We conduct each season in a masterpiece of relaxation and healing for our customers.

Being very picky about the flavor, not to mention the trouble put into the aesthetic nature of each dish, we meticulously select each ingredient, adding a ballad of seasonal foods. We hope to show how much we love to serve you through the amount of effort we put into our cuisine, preparing each dish tray by tray to your room, suited to your schedule. Wishing you an unforgettable time here in Arima City.

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hot spring

How about a hot relaxing outdoor jacuzzi in the mountains?
A steamy place to rest from all your sightseeing or sooth your stress.
Feast your appetites here in Arima City with it'sculture,
history and rural environment.

here hot spring



Seasonal ingredients present a rich array of cloes as well as good taste.
Enjoy our Kaiseki cuisine in which selected ingredients are cooked and beautifully dished up.
Taste it in tougue and eyes.



guest room

Every room is equipped with luxurious high tech massage chairs.
Relax and make yourself at home.

here Guest room

Guest room with Open-Air Bath

The Kinsen with open-air bath rooms of five types were available.
Relax and and let time just melt away, refreshing your mind and body.

here Guest room with Open-Air Bath

Recommend plan

  • No.1
    ◆Hanamusubi popularity No. 1◆A Delicious Kaiseki Meal"Delicious Kaiseki Meal"! Immersed in "superb material" and "best technique", "essence of Arima"!
    It is the most popular accommodation plan standards. "Anyway, I want to eat the most delicious ingredients at this time!"Recommended to our customers…
  • No.2
    ◆Repeater support ratio No. 1◆It is healed by the scent of hinoki! Please spend the elegant temporary Prospects Kinsen private open-air bath.
    If you enjoy relaxing and hot springs at your family / couple this plan is recommended. Perspective Although it is a private outdoor bath, "Nigori hot…
  • No.3
    ◆Kinsen◆I want to make my own hideout ... Adult lodging in a room with an outdoor Arima Onsen I found in a quiet Arima Onsen
    Guest room with Miyukisou Hanamusubi outdoor bath You can use either "Manryo-no-ma" or "Manryo-no-ma Miyukisou Hanamusubi Bodaiju-no-ma" Special accomm…


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Miyukisou Hanamusubi

Miyukisou Hanamusubi

Arima Hotspring Hotel Miyukisou "Hanamusubi"
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