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May your vacation in Arima City be ornamented with flowers. Courtesy of Hana Musubi(Flower Ornament) Manor.

Miyuki-So Hana Musubi Arima City Bath House And Manor,Ms.Kata-Yama Ayumi

Miyuki-So Hana Musubi
Arima City Bath House And Manor,
Ms.Kata-Yama Ayumi

There is a quant little place where you can cast all your worries aside, with a theme of flowers, which are so well known for proclaiming every season of the year here in Japan.

Where you can enjoy the food and flavor of every season of the year.
We conduct each season in a masterpiece of relaxation and healing for our customers.

Being very picky about the flavor, not to mention the trouble put into the aesthetic nature of each dish, we meticulously select each ingredient, adding a ballad of seasonal foods. We hope to show how much we love to serve you through the amount of effort we put into our cuisine, preparing each dish tray by tray to your room, suited to your schedule.

Wishing you an unforgettable time here in Arima City.

  • Dishes
  • Guest rooms with Open-air bath
  • Barrier-free
  • Hot Spring
  • You can select your pillow
  • Little care for more comfortable sleep
  • Safety and security


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